Camouflage Birthday Cake

 Okay so we just had our daughters first birthday and my friend Heather and I did this cake. I wanted something really cute and amazing since the first birthday is one of the most monumental ones. We are big into the whole pink camo thing; if I had my choice it would have been Realtree pink camo but this was also super cute. The inside is also pink camo. I had never done anything like this before so having my amazing friend to help was so wonderful, she has been such a fantastic asset to so many of my gatherings.DSCN05972

This was sort of last minute so there aren’t any directions but I still wanted to share it. With the inside of the cake you could either do boxed cake mix or make your own. Dived the batter into three parts; leave one part white and make the other two parts different shades of pink. We did two layers in varying sizes but you could do what you want. Making sure your pan is greased and lightly floured. Layer the different colors in blobs until your pan is halfway full; bake according to the directions for the recipe or box your using.

We have definitely learned when it comes to how to do the frosting. The first layer of frosting that was put on was just a normal frosting when in reality we should have put a fondant layer on first, it would have been so much easier. The top layer was a marshmallow fondant that was separated into four balls. One of them was kept white, one was a light pink, the next was a dark pink, and the last was brown.

We ended up rolling out the pink camouflage in little balls and then laying it on top and smoothing it out. If there would have been the first layer of fondant instead of regular frosting it would have been easier to put the balls on the cake individually and smoothed them out. We then took the brown and shaped them into branches and placed them around the base of each layer using some of them to cover some imperfections. We then shaped the brown into little tear drop shapes to make the flowers and made little balls out of the pink for the center. Make sure to get the backs of things a little wet to help them stick together.

The lettering was just the brown rolled out flat in ovals and then we used the pink and shaped the letters. Because my daughters name is long I couldn’t get the greatest picture.

The design for this cake was adapted from: Rose Bakes: A Girly Pink & Brown Camo Cake

Any questions feel free to ask away!


3 thoughts on “Camouflage Birthday Cake

  1. Thank you, the majority of the credit goes to my friend Heather though. I had never worked with fondant before; without her help and direction this cake wouldn’t have happened, she is amazing.


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