Diced Onion Made Easy

I spent a large chunk of my life taking way too long dicing onions and I sometimes even avoided dishes with diced onion because it took too long. The majority of my cooking knowledge was self taught so I was never shown the proper way to dice an onion. One day someone saw my struggles and thankfully made my life easier. I’m sure there are probably plenty of ways but I love this and it is so fast.


1.Cut off the top of your onion, peel off the outside layer and discard. Then working in one direction make cuts in the onion leaving some space between your cut and the butt.


2. Turn the onion halfway and make cuts in that direction across the others.


3. Now put it on its side and start cutting in a downward motion.


Easy peasy and only takes a couple minutes. Now you can stop crying  and get back to the fun part of cooking ❤


4 thoughts on “Diced Onion Made Easy

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