Hair Accessory Organizer

There are so many cute ideas out there for making your own hair accessory organizers it can be a little overwhelming. I myself have always been a little leery of attempting one but it’s really not as hard as one would think. Heather and I decided to try and tackle one of our favorite designs using some super cute fabric, ribbons, wood, and some other materials.

Hair Accessory Organizer

We didn’t look at a tutorial or anything to do this; who needs to when your best friend is a crafting goddess, I’m so lucky. We started out with a wood frame that was just measured to within a couple inches of the fabric we had and stapled it together which you can’t do with just any old staples. She seems to have all the necessary things just laying around her house but again I say crafting goddess, the lady even has a table saw. I can dream, for now I will live through her.

Hair Accessory Organizer

Look at that perfect cut frame right there 🙂Hair Accessory Organizer

Next we cut the ribbons so they overlapped the fabric just a little and pinned them down. Next it was decided to sew them together so the ribbons would stay nice and tight.

Hair Accessory Organizer

Isn’t this just going to be so cute!!Hair Accessory Organizer

Once this was done we wrapped the fabric onto the frame and we went on our merry way stapling. Then it was decided that some hooks needed to be added for those millions of headbands and hair ties that float around; I know my daughter has too many 😉 We didn’t get to take any pictures of the whole stapling process since we were both in on it.

Hair Accessory Organizer

And then to add some ribbon to the top for hanging and voila look at that adorable creation!!!

Hair Accessory Organizer

I look forward to making many more of these and figuring out what other types of fun designs we can come up with.


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