Hair Accessory Organizer

There are so many cute ideas out there for making your own hair accessory organizers it can be a little overwhelming. I myself have always been a little leery of attempting one but it’s really not as hard as one would think. Heather and I decided to try and tackle one of our favorite designs using some super cute fabric, ribbons, wood, and some other materials.

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Heather’s Homemade Chairs

So if you’ve been following me and have seen some of my other posts you have heard me sing my Heather's Homemade Chairsfriend Heather’s praises. Well here I go singing again because this post is all about her. She and I have been friends for 17 years and we still jabber away like we were a couple of teenage girls.

I swear she is super mom and never stops moving; I don’t know how she does all she does with 3 girls. Soon she will be adding more kids to the mix by opening up her own daycare. While going through this process and doing the things she needs to in order to get licensed she decided to start up her own little side business. This genius came from something she had crafted years before for her own children that many people had complimented her on.

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Cutesy Fingerprint Frame

I was inspired to create this cute little frame by a previous project that I just couldn’t bring myself to put in a plain old ordinary boring frame. That wonderful creation was this Scribbles=Art project that I did with my 21 month old little punkin. I was originally just going to paint it silver and then do some sponge painting over the top with these colors. That idea got smashed by my 10 year old step-son Ash who had a light bulb blind us with the brilliant thought of having Ari put her finger prints on it. What a little artistic genius he is even though he often tries to tell me he sucks; kids I tell ya.

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Wow I haven’t gotten to do anything artsy craftsy since Christmas time, that is far too long oh the torture. The project I tackled today I did with the help of my 21 month old. I forgot how therapeutic it can be to put my brain to that sort of use instead of school, kids, housework, and so on.

Ari has been doing a lot of coloring lately, it’s her favorite thing right now. So today we upcycled some toddler scribbles. I’ve seen a lot of ideas but I wanted to come up with something that was a little different than what I’ve seen. So I came up with this by gathering my scrap booking stuff and rifling through it while brain storming.

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Salt Dough Keepsake

I am a believer that the best gifts are ones that are given from the heart. I just love the look on my loved ones faces when they open up a gift that I have crafted with my own two hands, it makes all of the hard work worth it. As a child I spent a lot of time working on different projects with my Grandma and now I can pass down all of the knowledge and creativity to my kids. These hand print keepsakes I did with my daughter this year got the best reactions that just filled me with joy.

A lot of people are switching to cornstarch and baking soda for doing this because it looks better than salt dough but I personally think salt dough looks amazing once it’s painted. And lets face it salt dough is way cheaper than the other method.

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