The Woes of a Stepparent

One of the greatest things I have ever accomplished is being a parent. Seeing how they grow and knowing that you’re the one nurturing that growth is instant gratification. I spent years and many losses thinking that I was never going to have that privilege. I had never really thought much about being a parent until my first miscarriage; once that seed of hope was planted it seemed that’s all I wished from life and I had this knowledge that I was going to be a great parent. We all fear that we are going to be failures and that we are going to mess up our children in some way. All we can do is our best to guide them but they’re pretty much going to take care of the rest; they are inevitably their own person with their own wandering souls. This is the way I have always thought so I never had any fears about being a parent; it’s just something that I felt was ingrained in me.The Woes of a Stepparent

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Fun with the Eagles

Every year my Uncle visits from Arizona and it’s always a fun filled visit that I so look forward to. There have been a number of years where he has taken my younger sisters to the National Eagle Center and I have never had the opportunity to go with. This year I finally got to go with, yay me 🙂 The information they have to share is really wonderful and the fact that you get to see eagles up close and personal makes it even better. And they gear a lot of the stuff towards kids to get them involved and learn. I didn’t get to take pictures of everything that I wanted to, I really wouldn’t recommend taking a toddler there if you want to see everything. Ari did great as she normally does but a lot of the stuff that I was interested in and wanted to look at she didn’t want anything to do with.

One of the things that they have for kiddos is a puppet show that they can put on for each other with scripts and everything. My sisters decided to put on a show for everyone with a little boy that was there.

National Eagle Center

National Eagle Center

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Liebster Award

So I’m one of those people that mainly sticks to Facebook and the occasional Pintrest (okay you caught me I’m an addict). But recently with trying to share my blog I finally hopped on the Twitter and Instagram band wagon that I have so been avoiding to hopefully attract more followers. It seems every time I turn around someone new is popping up so I’m thinking okay maybe I should have done this sooner. And then this fabulous lady Tori over at The Adultier Adult nominated me for the Liebster Award 🙂 She has a wonderful way with words that pull you in; go ahead and check her out!

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So…I got interrupted

I wanted to stop in and say hello just to let everyone know I do still exist. I really did name my site appropriately since guess what I got interrupted 😀 . I had every intention of keeping up on this thing and hopefully turning it into a vast source of wonderful stuff that could really help people out. I will get there because that is truly what I want this to be. Continue reading