Bouillon Gravy

So I don’t know about you but I am not one of those people who tends to have broth of any sort in my house at all times. With as often as it’s used it would just go bad and be a waste of money. And when I want gravy I’m not always making something that has drippings so there I am at a loss again. Bouillon on the other hand is something I always keep in my house because of it’s wonderful shelf life. I had tried a few different recipes and just couldn’t find anything I liked; they were all lacking flavor. So with some playing around and tweaking I give you this recipe that I think is pretty flippen awesome and it really doesn’t take long at all cropped-untitled.png

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Sweet Tea

You know those cans and bottles of sweet tea you can buy in the store? You know the ones that cost and arm and a leg for such a small amount; it really is so easy to make at home for so cheap. My husband loves sweet tea and was one of those people who spent that ridiculous amount. That is why we went on the search for an easy and cheap way to make it ourselves (well for me to make it 🙂 ) I don’t remember where we ended up finding this but with some tweaking as we have gone it is perfection, well at least to us. What makes this like a southern sweet tea is the baking soda that makes it not as bitter by neutralizing what they call tannin’s. You learn something new every day 😀

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Mocha Frappuccino

Coffee and I have a LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, relationship; if I don’t start off my morning with that wonderful jolt of caffeine I don’t think my family would know how to handle me. Having my normal coffee with creamer gets a little boring though so I like to treat myself, but the prices for those specialty coffees are so not a treat. I’ve been looking for a good mocha frappuccino recipe and just couldn’t find one; with some tweaks I think I may have finally found one I can live with.

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