Sinful Single Brownie

I love brownies but I hardly ever buy the boxed stuff and making proper ones homemade takes far more time than I have energy for most days. So this is seriously hazardous to my health; it’s so easy and fast that I have such a hard time holding back the temptation monster.

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Camouflage Birthday Cake

 Okay so we just had our daughters first birthday and my friend Heather and I did this cake. I wanted something really cute and amazing since the first birthday is one of the most monumental ones. We are big into the whole pink camo thing; if I had my choice it would have been Realtree pink camo but this was also super cute. The inside is also pink camo. I had never done anything like this before so having my amazing friend to help was so wonderful, she has been such a fantastic asset to so many of my gatherings.DSCN05972 Continue reading