Hubby Style Burritos

So occasionally I allow my husband to take over in the kitchen; okay so maybe I shouldn’t say take over more like cook with supervision 🙂 I suffer from a little OCD so I tend to chase him around the kitchen cleaning up after him; fine fine caught again a lot OCD. I swear I used to be a lot worse, I really have gotten better since I became a wife and mama. Sometimes you just have to let things go because there are far better things to obsess over like spending time with those precious loving faces. Anyways lets get back to Josh and his scrumptious burritos. These are a little time consuming but they are so worth it. It’s really not an exact science, it’s more of a however you and your family like it but this will give you a general idea.

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Fun with the Eagles

Every year my Uncle visits from Arizona and it’s always a fun filled visit that I so look forward to. There have been a number of years where he has taken my younger sisters to the National Eagle Center and I have never had the opportunity to go with. This year I finally got to go with, yay me 🙂 The information they have to share is really wonderful and the fact that you get to see eagles up close and personal makes it even better. And they gear a lot of the stuff towards kids to get them involved and learn. I didn’t get to take pictures of everything that I wanted to, I really wouldn’t recommend taking a toddler there if you want to see everything. Ari did great as she normally does but a lot of the stuff that I was interested in and wanted to look at she didn’t want anything to do with.

One of the things that they have for kiddos is a puppet show that they can put on for each other with scripts and everything. My sisters decided to put on a show for everyone with a little boy that was there.

National Eagle Center

National Eagle Center

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Liebster Award

So I’m one of those people that mainly sticks to Facebook and the occasional Pintrest (okay you caught me I’m an addict). But recently with trying to share my blog I finally hopped on the Twitter and Instagram band wagon that I have so been avoiding to hopefully attract more followers. It seems every time I turn around someone new is popping up so I’m thinking okay maybe I should have done this sooner. And then this fabulous lady Tori over at The Adultier Adult nominated me for the Liebster Award 🙂 She has a wonderful way with words that pull you in; go ahead and check her out!

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Easy-Peasy Meatballs

I don’t know any kid that doesn’t go gaga over spaghetti and meatballs. My step-son does this little jump up and down dance when he finds out that’s what I’m making for supper. Some meatballs, although very tasty, end up overpowering the sauce. I like my meatballs to compliment my sauce and these ones do just that. They are made up of very simple ingredients and really don’t take very long to cook at all, which is wonderful for those nights when you just don’t have very much time or energy to make supper.

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Cutesy Fingerprint Frame

I was inspired to create this cute little frame by a previous project that I just couldn’t bring myself to put in a plain old ordinary boring frame. That wonderful creation was this Scribbles=Art project that I did with my 21 month old little punkin. I was originally just going to paint it silver and then do some sponge painting over the top with these colors. That idea got smashed by my 10 year old step-son Ash who had a light bulb blind us with the brilliant thought of having Ari put her finger prints on it. What a little artistic genius he is even though he often tries to tell me he sucks; kids I tell ya.

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Wow I haven’t gotten to do anything artsy craftsy since Christmas time, that is far too long oh the torture. The project I tackled today I did with the help of my 21 month old. I forgot how therapeutic it can be to put my brain to that sort of use instead of school, kids, housework, and so on.

Ari has been doing a lot of coloring lately, it’s her favorite thing right now. So today we upcycled some toddler scribbles. I’ve seen a lot of ideas but I wanted to come up with something that was a little different than what I’ve seen. So I came up with this by gathering my scrap booking stuff and rifling through it while brain storming.

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Bouillon Gravy

So I don’t know about you but I am not one of those people who tends to have broth of any sort in my house at all times. With as often as it’s used it would just go bad and be a waste of money. And when I want gravy I’m not always making something that has drippings so there I am at a loss again. Bouillon on the other hand is something I always keep in my house because of it’s wonderful shelf life. I had tried a few different recipes and just couldn’t find anything I liked; they were all lacking flavor. So with some playing around and tweaking I give you this recipe that I think is pretty flippen awesome and it really doesn’t take long at all cropped-untitled.png

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