The Woes of a Stepparent

One of the greatest things I have ever accomplished is being a parent. Seeing how they grow and knowing that you’re the one nurturing that growth is instant gratification. I spent years and many losses thinking that I was never going to have that privilege. I had never really thought much about being a parent until my first miscarriage; once that seed of hope was planted it seemed that’s all I wished from life and I had this knowledge that I was going to be a great parent. We all fear that we are going to be failures and that we are going to mess up our children in some way. All we can do is our best to guide them but they’re pretty much going to take care of the rest; they are inevitably their own person with their own wandering souls. This is the way I have always thought so I never had any fears about being a parent; it’s just something that I felt was ingrained in me.The Woes of a Stepparent

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Heather’s Homemade Chairs

So if you’ve been following me and have seen some of my other posts you have heard me sing my Heather's Homemade Chairsfriend Heather’s praises. Well here I go singing again because this post is all about her. She and I have been friends for 17 years and we still jabber away like we were a couple of teenage girls.

I swear she is super mom and never stops moving; I don’t know how she does all she does with 3 girls. Soon she will be adding more kids to the mix by opening up her own daycare. While going through this process and doing the things she needs to in order to get licensed she decided to start up her own little side business. This genius came from something she had crafted years before for her own children that many people had complimented her on.

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