Classic Green Bean Casserole

Okay so a good chunk of you are probably looking at this post and saying “Really? Green Bean Casserole; everybody and their brother knows how to make that.” But really there are so many recipes out there and not all of them taste the same. I have had people come to my house for different occasions who tell me that my version is the best they have ever had. I look at them confused because all I do is use the recipe from the French’s Fried Onions container. But since then I have used recipes off of different packages because I didn’t have this one written down; I tell you what this sucker is ingrained in my brain now!!!

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Mushroom and Buttermilk Chicken

I have been working like mad to complete these homemade Christmas presents for my whole family, I will be sharing them with all of you after they are all given out! But for today here is another delicious dinner idea. This mushroom and buttermilk chicken has just the perfect kick in the pants to it.

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