Easy Salisbury Steak

I remember as a kid getting those Salisbury Steak freezer meals and thinking they were oh so tasty. Now as an adult I’ve tried them and although they are edible I just cant see myself wasting the calories on them. I practice portion control and everything, but life is too short to avoid eating the food that I love and I’m a meat and potatoes type of girl. This recipe is super easy and what makes it even better is homemade gravy; you can use the pre-made stuff but it just doesn’t give the same flavor.

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Meatballs in Mashed Potato Cups

Many many years ago when my Great Grandma passed away my Aunt took it upon herself to go through her recipes and compile a cookbook to give to everyone in the family. There are many different recipes that I have tried or that I remembered from my childhood in that book but this one is my second favorite. My favorite is one my family lovingly called dodgers which is just native american fry bread, that was my addiction growing up.The first time I made this though I fell in love because of how simple and delicious it is. I of course have changed some things over the years like substituting real milk for reconstituted milk powder, but I also don’t know anyone anymore who really keeps this in their house. This is a big hit with kids and husbands too, my family often begs for it.

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Mushroom and Buttermilk Chicken

I have been working like mad to complete these homemade Christmas presents for my whole family, I will be sharing them with all of you after they are all given out! But for today here is another delicious dinner idea. This mushroom and buttermilk chicken has just the perfect kick in the pants to it.

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Easy Sloppy Joes

As you can probably tell I am always trying to find easy things to make for supper, well easy ways to do things all around 🙂 And I admit I used to always buy the canned stuff when it came to making sloppy joes; who needs that junk with this EASY recipe that is also inexpensive since it only has 5 ingredients.

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Aussie Sprunch and Style

I hate using a curling iron and with my family I really don’t have the time. I’m all for doing something with my hair that takes very little effort; I admit half the time my hair is up just so it’s out of the way. I am one of those that has naturally wavy hair and if I leave down and to its own devices it just looks horrible. I use to try and use regular old moose to try and sprunch my hair and make it curly but by the time my hair dried it was all funky and half flat, and the sprunching just made my hair snarly.image Continue reading

Chicken Cheddar Surprise

Often I find myself needing an easy meal for just two people, either when my husband goes out of town for work or when my step son is gone on the weekends. This chicken cheddar surprise is the perfect thing and no measuring required so it can be made for as many people as you want. They also come wrapped in a pretty tin foil package for easy clean up.

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